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  1. L

    UTRGV vs PLFSOM [Texas Match]

    Hello all, I have pre-matched at UTRGV and PLFSOM (nothing from any other schools) and I am trying to decide between the two before I rank them on match day. There aren't many posts on UTRGV, especially after their first match list came out last year. I know that both schools have a ton in...
  2. D

    PLFSOM (scholarship) vs Long SOM

    I had been sitting on my acceptance PLFSOM for a few months, but I got accepted to Long SOM off the WL just a few days ago and now I'm quite torn. I'm from the DFW metroplex, and my number 1 was UTSW; I don't bring that up to look down on these 2 schools, I was impressed by both, but just to...
  3. P

    Texas Tech El Paso vs. BU

    Hi guys, I matched at El Paso (in-state) and gotten into BU. I am conflicted on which one to choose, so any advice would be appreciated. El Paso Pros: - Instate tuition - Integrated curriculum - Can learn medical Spanish in a class setting - Low cost of living - Exposure to a completely...