pls halp

  1. N

    NP - Neurology ???

    Hi everyone! I'm about to graduate from my undergrad (BS in Psychology) and I plan on finishing up the prereqs necessary for ABSN and become an RN through that. I don't want to stop at being an RN though, I would love to further my education and make it to NP. I know I'm a bit of a ways away...
  2. bioboy23

    Does anyone else hate physics as much as I do?

    Hi peoples, I have never been a huge math guy, which is one reason why I love biology so much. But I think I have found my academic kryptonite -- physics is killing me and I'm not sure how to get over the hump. I will study and do practice problems for hours but just can't quite master the...
  3. K

    TPR Phone Audition Tips?

    Hi there. I applied to TPR as an MCAT Biology Instructor and they want me to do a phone audition (on a specific science topic) because I don't live in the area. Does anyone have any tips for succeeding at this? I've done phone interviews before but teaching over the phone seems a little...