pm&r away

  1. claner1

    2018-2019 PM&R Away Rotations

    Hey all! 3rd year med student from TX applying to PM&R this fall. SDN has been hugely helpful for me throughout pre-med/med school so I thought I'd start a discussion thread as many of us start to plan away rotations. Hope to build a resourceful community on here as we trek through this whole...
  2. D

    Audition in Nov/Dec?

    I am applying pure ACGME and have a week to accept an audition on VSAS at a program I'm interested in. I will surely have to take interviews during this time. Do I take the audition, will they mind if I have to leave for an interview at another program? I mean I'm interested in this program but...
  3. P

    PM&R Audition/Away Rotation Program Reivews

    Hey guys, when I was trying to find information about programs in order to decide which ones to set up away rotations this year, I had a hard time finding information so I thought to help future students, we can setup a review of programs for students interested in doing aways or a PMR rotation...