podiatry school

  1. N

    Chances at podiatry school??

    Hi! I need desperate advice… please no judgement just advice! I have a 3.1 undergrad gpa, 3.7 masters gpa in biomedical science and a 482 MCAT… what are my chances at getting into a podiatry school ?? Any advice will help! I’m avoiding retaking the mcat. if there’s a shot I’ll take it. Thanks !
  2. C

    Podiatry school

    Anyone have any advice for applying for podiatry school? Can anyone provide their stats as well? Any good scholarship?
  3. SideQuest

    What websites/blogs do you read for Podiatry info?

    Hey everyone! What websites/blogs do you find are adding value to your knowledge of Podiatry? I frequent SDN to try and stay connected, but it would great if there was another source I can check out that people deemed valuable. Let me know what you think.
  4. A

    Should I leave or stay in medical school?

    I don't know if medicine/healthcare is right for me anymore. I'm a second year podiatry student (23F) and I feel very burnout/unmotivated. I feel as though I'm forcing myself to do this because this is what I've been working towards my whole life. I don't feel like I'm staying for the right...
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    Chances at any pod?

    Hi everyone! Curious to know potential chances for pod school I'm a non-trad student Veteran with ~6000 hrs clinical work in the dental field 100+ volunteer hours, some clinical and some not VP of my school's student veteran organization cGPA and sGPA is 3.8 MCAT 493, contemplating on retake...