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    Should I retake pre-req courses from 10 years ago if I did an SMP?

    Hi everyone! First time poster. About me real quick: I graduated in 2012 at UF with a 2.56 GPA with my BS in Microbiology. In 2018, I regained some confidence and decided to try for med school again. I took some classes at a community college (Straight As in 3 science classes +labs and...
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    Transferring Post-Bac Programs

    Hello, This is my first post so please bear with me. I received a psychology degree from a state school and graduated with a 3.9 GPA. The last year of college I decided that I wanted to enter healthcare, specifically a doctor. I had toyed with the idea before but I think I was too emotionally...
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    So... my freshman year of undergrad didn’t go as well as planned. The first quarter wasn’t bad, but in the middle of spring I had to withdraw due to family issues. All of this brought my GPA down to a 2.5, but not all in science classes. I plan to retake any classes that I can but is this going...
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    Bad Fresman Year Chances

    Hi everyone, I finished my freshman year with a 1.956 GPA, which is clearly a very low and poor GPA. I am really ashamed and upset with myself over this, however, I know my mistakes and what not to repeat. I am currently going to retake the two biology, chemistry, and one calculus course I did...
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    Post Bac vs SMP ?

    Hi all, I'm currently debating the best way to go about doing a post-bac to improve my credentials before I think about applying. Stats: 3.13 cgpa 2.96 sgpa major: biology competitive liberal arts college ECs: ~100 hours volunteer experience 1 year as research tech at highly ranked medical...
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    Rocky Academic Career (3.46 GPA and 512 MCAT)

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    What are my odds - junior in undergrad

    I am only a Junior in undergraduate school at the University of Alabama. I am majoring in psychology and minoring in biology on a pre-medical route. I currently am really struggling with my GPA due to not working hard enough freshman year. My overall is a 3.205 and my pre medical GPA is a 2.333...
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    Low GPA at start of 2nd year undergrad

    Hi, so I am going into my sophomore year and was concerned how an average 1st semester and really poor 2nd semester will possibly impact my chances of getting into a competitive MD/PhD or MSTP program down the road. Fall of my freshman year I did okay and only got a 3.28 with a B- in Gen Chem 1...
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    Getting into med school with a low GPA

    Hi! This is my first time posting on here so go easy on me. And sorry it's long, I just wanted to provide all the facts! Like many of you, I was a stellar student in high school, and got into my dream school: University of Notre Dame. I entered directly into our Arts and Letters Pre-Health...
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    How much can you 'fix' a poor academic history?

    Let me start by saying that I take full responsibility for my poor grades in the past. I had a rough family life growing up but I was also lazy and unmotivated (also depressed). I graduated high school with a 1.9 GPA and started at the local community college taking classes on and off for 2...
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    Other OT-Related Information low GPA, GRE- I GOT ACCEPTED! And I want to help YOU!

    I'm typing this on my phone, so I apologize if it is written poorly: It wasn't until after I graduated with a bachelor's degree in marketing from a state school in 2011 that I realized my real dream was to become an OT. So, I had what I would call a slow start to my path to becoming an OT: MY...