Post Bac vs SMP ?

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May 25, 2018
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Hi all,

I'm currently debating the best way to go about doing a post-bac to improve my credentials before I think about applying.

3.13 cgpa
2.96 sgpa
major: biology
competitive liberal arts college

~100 hours volunteer experience
1 year as research tech at highly ranked medical school
4 abstract publications

I had an abysmal first two years, but earned higher grades in upper level science courses during my junior and senior years. My health professions advisor told me to avoid SMPs as they are high risk, but told me to take around 4 additional upper level science courses and earn As.

I'm preparing to take the MCAT in August and have been scoring upwards of 520 on practice exams. However, I'm not sure if a strong post-bac gpa/MCAT would be enough for admissions committees to see past my weaker grades in those years. Would an SMP be my best chance?

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