1. A

    Part-Time Post Doc options?

    Does anyone know of any good part-time post-doc opportunities? Do they exist? I know that they’re allowed as long as they’re completed in two years, but I’m having a hard time finding them. Recently had a baby and part-time is seeming more appealing, even with the pay-cut. Full-time internship...
  2. M66

    APA vs. non-APA post-docs for licensure in different states?

    I will be seeking licensure as a psychologist in Texas, but I am expecting I could move anywhere in the country in the future (partner is in academia). To become licensed in different states (after having less than 5 years licensed in Texas), should I exclusively look at APA-accredited post-doc...
  3. BiggiePow

    MD/PhD —> Post-Doc (skip residency)?

    How many MD/PhD students decide to go into a post-docc rather than a research residency, or regular residency? Of those of you who chose regular residency, but plan to do a post-doc, too, what is your rationale? How does Step 1 score influence applications for post-docc or research residency...
  4. S

    PhD/PsyD Applying to Post-Doc via Snail Mail? Really?

    Hi all, I'm applying for post-doctoral fellowships, and my site list is roughly evenly divided between submitting application materials via (a) APPA CAS and (b) e-mail sent to the post-doc director. However, one site appears, based on my read of their brochure, to request the application...
  5. J

    Research initiative on children's mental health: Application for Ideas Lab closes on March 8th

    Research initiative on children's mental health: Application for Ideas Lab closes on March 8th Are you interested in contributing to novel, ground-breaking solutions in mental health of children? The Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft (LBG), an Austrian research organisation, are looking for open...
  6. germindian123

    Best Perio programs

    Hey guys. It's 2016. What are some of the best perio programs that come to mind? I've heard that the strength of the program is highly influenced by the leadership of the director. I've heard of some good ones but want to know if anyone has any comments on the current state of the quality of...
  7. Psychology PostDoc

    PhD/PsyD Post-Doc Positions Still Open (March 2016)

    Hi everyone, Let's get a thread going about positions for post-docs that are still open as of March 2016! Here's a list of some that I know about: 1. Weill Cornell Medical College/ NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital: Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship in Eating Disorders Website...