1. I

    Opportunities for an MBBS graduate in EU countries

    Hi. I am currently in my 6th year or Intern Year of MBBS in Dhaka Medical College, Bangladesh. What postgraduate degree can I do in a country like Belgium so I can acquire a specialty or a license to practice? Will they accept my MBBS degree? Can I do my Masters there? What are the...
  2. S

    Quick question about MRCP(UK)

    Greetings Im 5th year med student and i plan to do mrcp examinations after finishing my studies, my question is, after finishing mrcp and getting my GMC registration what are the specialities that are available for me to apply for? On their website i only found 12 specialities, im planning to...
  3. Kavity

    Applying for residency and license eligibility

    I am looking to apply to residency programs, and I'm seeing a lot of "Must be eligible for state dental license: Yes" program info websites. Can someone please explain to me how this works/what it means in terms of applying to an out-of-state program? Thanks! :)
  4. ThatGuy15

    Pursuing a Ph.D. outside the United States

    Hello! I am currently a senior at a 4-year university pursuing my studies in applied psychology. My goal is to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and specializing in neuropsychology. As of right now, because of my personal situation, I am planning to pursue a Ph.D. outside of the United...
  5. Namasha21

    Continue study from Dentistry to Psychology

    Is it possible to take postgraduate in psychology , after we've done studying as bachelor of dentist?