1. D

    So confused with my current path.

    I am a 21 year old about to graduate next year. My parents want me to get in as soon as possible or they will deem me a failure and compare me to their family friends children if I don't get in after a gap year. Yes I am a ORM. They won't support me right after I graduate so I don't know what to...
  2. A

    Now or Later?

  3. T

    Should I postpone my MCAT

    I have been studying for about two and a half months (on top of school so not like 8 hours a day or anything) and my Kaplan course just started. My most recent score on a Kaplan FL was a 501 and my diagnostic was a 492. My test is January 25th, should I postpone? Is it feasible to be able to...
  4. Yhorm the Giant

    502 on AAMC FL 2- One month to go-push back?

    So I got a 502 (124/128/125/125). I have one month, June 16th. I am not an otherwise super strong candidate, I really thought I'd be doing better by now but I'm just not. Worth it to push it back to June 30th? I have until tonight to decide to do so or it will cost way more to reschedule. On the...
  5. mbalce

    MCAT Advice - Push Back Test?

    Hi guys, I'm sure you all get a ton of questions like this. I'm thinking about pushing my test date back. I took the AAMC Practice Test 1 yesterday and received a 504. My MCAT test date is on 5/13/17. My goal is to score at least a 510. Here is my score laid out. C/P: 127 - 75% CARS: 123 - 57%...
  6. L

    NS First FL: 508, Reschedule or Keep working?

    Hey guys, I'm currently signed up for the Jan 28 exam, and I just finished my first NS FL: got a 508 (CP/125, CARS/129, BB/126, PS/128). That's a lot better than I expected, though clearly I still have some material to review. I'm about halfway through material review, but I'm not sure if I...
  7. Lisztomania287

    MCAT Postponed: What resources to improve weaknesses

    Hello everyone! With less than ideal trend of my recent practice FL results, I am pushing my Sept MCAT to Jan 2017. During the upcoming fall quarter, I realistically have ~13 hours/week for 10 weeks and 4 full weeks for studying before the January test. I took TPR Ultimate course over the...
  8. P

    Not much progress... should I postpone?

    Hi everyone, I'm an incoming 3rd year scheduled for the Sept 10th MCAT and am feeling discouraged right now after my last FL practice. I had summer school and work this past month but reviewed for the MCAT throughout, so I figured I'd be doing better now that I don't have those obligations...
  9. O

    Should I reschedule?

    My OAT is in two weeks and I have yet to finish my review of organic and physics. I took Kaplan's first practice test and my scores were... Bio/GC/OC/RC/Phys/QR/AA 340/280/280/350/210/350/300 Don't judge on the physics, I essentially gave up and guessed on every question because I was so...
  10. O

    Should I postpone my OAT?

    I'm scheduled to take the OAT in about 2 weeks (June 23rd) but feel very unprepared. I have been studying since classes finished the first week of May but have been busy with work and I'm behind schedule on my study plan. I feel good about biology but have not finished reviewing gen chem...
  11. sloppypapi

    Postponing my application yet again? *sigh*

    It's been 3 years since I graduated from college. For tl;dr- scroll down. For full context/ venting- continue reading. My first gap year was to study for the MCAT (which I absolutely flunked) and do some clinical volunteering outside the US. My second gap year was dedicated to finding work...