practical training

  1. rs_med_student

    how do i deal with Murmurs ?

    i'm about to finish my 4th year in med school (our course is 6 years) one thing that really irritates me is the way physical exam is so glorified and they keep telling us hypothetical stuff about murmurs and stuff (murmur timing, change with position and maneuvers and such) when in reality...
  2. E

    Online Free DAT Kaplan Exam 7/11/16

    Hi Y'all. Just your average student here constantly loosing confidence every time I take a practice exam. I just literally finished the Kaplan Freebie exam they offer like once a month, I'm sure some other people just took it as well. I scored a 15AA, maybe a 16AA, and I was like dang. I got...
  3. MediversityCSPrep

    Prep Course for USMLE Step 2 CS in South Jersey.

    Hi everybody. We are proudly offering a Step 2 CS training program in south New Jersey, near Philadelphia, in our traditional primary care office, Mediversity. This program was built by our team, composed of two experienced doctors practicing in USA and also by recent medical school graduates...