Online Free DAT Kaplan Exam 7/11/16

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May 8, 2016
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Hi Y'all.

Just your average student here constantly loosing confidence every time I take a practice exam. I just literally finished the Kaplan Freebie exam they offer like once a month, I'm sure some other people just took it as well. I scored a 15AA, maybe a 16AA, and I was like dang. I got like a 15 on Bio, 15 on GC, 18 on Orgo, and a 23 on math LOL. PAT was obviously a breeze, everyone says its mad easy with Kaplan - so this I know. I just want to know if anyone else found the exam to be challenging... Honestly, I'm assuming its supposed to be difficult because Kaplan wants you to take their course, but just looking for a second opinion!

Also.. I've been studying for like 2 months HA. But, its like late as frick and I'm mad tired so I just sped through everything... Just FYI before people ask me if this was my first test ever.. no, it was not. Just figured why not take it.
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Jul 1, 2016
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Don't worry much about that Kaplan bio, it totally not represent the test especially for bio. It focus too much on an area where the real stuff only have 2-3 questions (ecology/ animal behavior etc.). They but tricks and traps rather than testing your intergration skills. It only helps us get used to the formal and that is it.