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Sep 30, 2015
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Hi everybody.

We are proudly offering a Step 2 CS training program in south New Jersey, near Philadelphia, in our traditional primary care office, Mediversity.

This program was built by our team, composed of two experienced doctors practicing in USA and also by recent medical school graduates that are familiar with the current exam structure.

Our program has two components: a theory course in the first day and a practice exam in the second day. The theory course focuses on the structure of the test, communication and rapport issues, history taking and physical examination and also patient note writing. The practical day consists in 12 patient encounters of 15 minutes each, and 10 minutes after each encounter to type the notes on the computer.

Our differentials:
- We provide 12 encounters, like the real exam.
- We provide a report with the exam performance and the examinee`s weaknesses.
- Our theory material is very focused and easy to read.

Check our website for more information regarding the course, contact, prices and dates:
Also like our Facebook page.
Thank you.