practice management

  1. whosnisarg

    The Next Dr. Apa?

    Hello, again! Okay, this is more of a light-hearted question! What would it take to be the next Dr. Apa, or the next superstar dentist? How does one STRICTLY perform cosmetic procedures and "lure in" class-A patients? Is this only profitable in New York/California (this one I am curious about...
  2. T

    Advertisement RxNT eRx, EHR and PM medical software solutions

    RxNT has been an industry leader in e-Prescribing, Electronic Health Records, and Practice management solutions for 19 years. We offer a range of packages that will fit all specialties and practices, while also offering medical billing solutions for billing companies. Our products and prices can...
  3. S

    Advertisement Medical billing and EHR

    We are a medical billing, consulting, EMR,PM,EHR, support and implementation company located right in the heart of the U.S. With over 12 years in continued medical billing, software and technology solutions, and a history of working with some of the most renowned providers, we’ve been committed...
  4. R

    Starting a dermatology practice.

    Great series of articles on how to start a dermatology practice and the transition from training to the real world. Here's some stuff I found. Its funny, how they never teach you any of these things in residency or fellowship. Starting a Dermatology Practice: [this is a great interview with...
  5. A

    PA-C and ATC Combo

    I can't seem to find a great answer to this, (if you pass google page 3, it doesn't exist) but, what can you do with the PA-C and ATC combination? I currently am a practicing ATC, and due to life, I am looking at pursuing PA school locally. Now before you start with PAs can do X,Y, and Z, I'm...
  6. C

    What are good resources to learn private practice clinic management?

    Hello, does anyone have any recommendations on good resources/books for those looking to start a private practice (specifically in internal medicine - primary care) and learn the nitty gritty of practice management? From what I gather, the billing/coding aspect should not take too long to...