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Sep 21, 2017
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Hello, again!

Okay, this is more of a light-hearted question!

What would it take to be the next Dr. Apa, or the next superstar dentist? How does one STRICTLY perform cosmetic procedures and "lure in" class-A patients? Is this only profitable in New York/California (this one I am curious about because Charlotte, NC apparently has one of the highest average salaries for dentists as of Jan 2018 despite surrounding $50K average income)?

Also, what do you guys think about dedicating one's practice to superstar cosmetic procedures and *essentially* overcharging for treatments (I heard it was around $350 for a consult and $3K for veneer)?

Again, no need for hostility, just a fun what-if. ;)

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I suspect Dr. Apa got where he is as a result of WHO HE KNOWS not what he knows.
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It's all about branding and self-promotion. Have a made-for-TV personality and be prepared to deal with the most obnoxious, vain and demanding patients imaginable. It's not the reason most people become dentists but to each his own.
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OP don't be one of those guys please.
Honestly, just from what he's posted on Instagram and his YouTube channel his life looks so luxurious it's hard NOT to want to be him. But you're post reminded me why I wanted to go into dentistry - to help people.

Of course doing smile make-overs would be awesome but never would I want to sell that option first.
I think one prerequisite is biweekly manicures, and hydrofacials. Not even kidding
I'll take that minus destroying perfectly fine teeth, thank you! :banana:
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