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  1. D

    FL practice scores vs real MCAT predictors: How valid/reliable?

    I've been looking through some of these FL practice score vs. Real MCAT score charts/spreadsheets, and they seem pretty great-- even too good to be true. These tools basically say "add ten points to your average, and that's your score". I realize that the scores used to compile data have an...
  2. Altius Premier Tutor

    Free (Giving away) Full Length MCAT-2015 Practice Exam

    Altius Test Prep is seeking feedback from SDN members regarding our Full Length MCAT-2015 practice exams. We sell a set of ten FL exams, but want to give you one at NO CHARGE, in exchange for your honest feedback. To access your free exam, please call our office at 435-671-5783 and mention...
  3. S

    Practice FL VS Real

    I took the unscored AAMC FL today; my breakdown was C/P: 69% CARS 75% B/B 64% P/S 76% Overall 71% That was after about a month of content review; my test is in May. I know I've got to bring those percentages up, especially the Bio section, but can anyone provide me with any feedback i.e., Is...