pre dental masters

  1. insaiyanpredent

    Considering Dental School while in SMP

    Hi, I'm currently a second-semester student at Rutgers SMP. From Undergrad not SMP, My cGPA is a 3.2 AMCAS sGPA is a 3.2 and I have no dental experience, but the main reason for the switch is because I'm considering a job still in the healthcare field that will have good incentives yet will...
  2. LCRUF

    Master's Programs in FL?

    Does anyone know of any Master's programs in FL that will help me get admitted into Dental school? I've looked into Nova Southeastern, University of South Florida, and LECOM but I was wondering if there were anymore options - Google isn't really helping me. Thank you!(:
  3. W

    Best SMP?

    Hey everyone! Pre dental student here. I know there are a lot of post on here about SMPs but I am wondering which program would benefit a student in my situation the most. I graduated from undergrad in May 2015 with a very low GPA (2.5 for both total and science). I took a year off from school...
  4. M

    Barry Biomedical Sciences Program Admissions-Spring 2017

    I am currently in the 18th month track at Barry BMS. This is a post-baccalaureate program specifically to enhance your dental/medical school application. Barry’s demanding curriculum is parallel to the first year of medical/ dental school. I'm here to answer any questions you have about...
  5. JamieSaysSmile

    International Masters Before Dental School

    Hi everyone! I am considering attending the University of Edinburgh for a one-year Masters of Science program with a research component in medicinal and biological chemistry before applying to dental school. To give some information about myself, I first applied to dental school in 2014 and...
  6. nkm26

    Hearing bad things about Barry biomedical?

    First and foremost, I do not mean to offend anyone. I've started to look into Masters programs to do after graduation in order to increase my chances of getting into dental school. I watched a video on the school's website and it seemed like a shady ad for the program. I also read very...
  7. N

    Pre- dent Master programs opinions 2016

    Hi!! Im pre-dent with a very uncompetitive undergrad GPA (around 2.7). Had a lot going on my junior and senior year but somehow made it though and graduated although my GPA took a toll. I chose not to chance taking the DAT and just apply straight to Masters programs. So i took a year off and...