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  1. P

    Best Undergrad schools for Pre-PT/Physiology

    So I’m an upcoming Freshman at the University of Akron. I plan to transfer to the Integrative Physiology program at CU-Boulder for my second year. I was hoping to get some ideas for back up schools. I am either going into PT, OT, or PA depending on the job market at the end of my undergrad. In...
  2. N

    PA vs MD in terms of academics?

    I know this is asked a lot but I'm generally more curious about the actual coursework/rotations. I am an undergrad student deciding which path to take and I want to know how the depth of knowledge varies. Many PA schools will do 15 months of didactic work. A lot of medical schools are thinning...
  3. BlackStar90

    Charles R. Drew University Master of Science in Biomedical Science 2018 thread

    Hey everyone, I thought I would make this thread in case anyone had questions about this program. Cheers!
  4. K

    please help a sista out

    okay, i'm like 330% sure im in the wrong forum but i dont care anymore. currently a kinesology major at penn state with the movement science option. was previously a nursing major at drexel but decided I wanted to be a dr instead of a nurse. now I have had a lot of interesting research on this...
  5. C

    How do I decide between Med School or PA School?

    Hi everyone, I have been talking to a couple of other peers that I volunteer with and honestly, I don't know which path I should be going for. They both have their pros and cons, which makes my decision that much harder. I do have about 2.5-3 more years before I apply, but it's never too soon...