PA vs MD in terms of academics?

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Jul 26, 2018
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I know this is asked a lot but I'm generally more curious about the actual coursework/rotations. I am an undergrad student deciding which path to take and I want to know how the depth of knowledge varies. Many PA schools will do 15 months of didactic work. A lot of medical schools are thinning down their didactic years and becoming ~16 months of lecture and more time to study for the USMLE and do research etc. If they are so similar in the timing of lecture coursework, how much more in-depth is the med school knowledge compared to what PAs learn? I know for rotations the med students have more time for electives and research/interviews, but when on the rotations, how do the roles vary? Are there many things that med students can do that PAs cannot?

I'm not making a final decision based on this post but I am curious to hear people's opinions. Some PA schools are becoming as long as 3 years (USC) and at that point, it would just make sense to go to medical school.
Also, if you want to add why you chose one over the other i am curious to hear your thoughts!