1. Mister Significant

    Chances at Podiatry School

  2. B

    Current WesternU CPM Student

    Hi! I'm a current WesternU 2nd year podiatry student. If anyone has a question about anything, feel free to ask me!
  3. 6

    Applying to Podiatry School Before Completing Bachelor?

    Ok, so I have my first interview and I want to know how does it work when you have not finished your degree ..... do they accept you and ask you to finish your degree? or do they tell you to finish before they can accept you fully? lets say they do accept me and tell me to finish my degree is...
  4. K

    Any questions for a 1st year student at KSUCPM?

    Hi, I'm currently a member of the class of 2020 at KSUCPM. I know that some of my classmates have been active on this forum throughout the year posting about their experiences but I wanted to post a new thread to give anyone who's looking at schools now a chance to ask any questions regarding...
  5. M

    sincere advice

    Hello, I am looking for honest feedback/advice regarding my situation. I graduated from engineering school in 2011. I had one W and one semester of all C's. I took a gap year after graduating where I shadowed and volunteered. I took the MCAT in 2012 with no strict studying and obtained a 13Q. I...