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  1. P

    DAT Tips (21 AA, 24 PAT)

    I just got out of taking the DAT with a 21 AA and 24 PAT, and wanted to post some tips for what helped me. 1st huge shoutout to Bootcamp, as that was hands down the best tool out there for preparing. 2nd, I definitely struggled to study little by little over a long period time. After pushing my...
  2. E

    MCCQE Part 1 - Jan 2019 : preparation/advice from recent takers

    Hello, I am a Canadian citizen currently living in the UK, due to complete my GP training this July 2018. Currently in the process of applying for my medical license in BC. I have sat the MCEE but unfortunately due to recent changes by the MCC, I will need to sit the MCCQE Part 1. As this...
  3. prehealthboi

    How to Study for DAT? (new pre-dent student)

    Hello everyone, Up until recently, I was a pre-med student. I am entering my senior year of college and I need to figure out my path, especially when it comes to prepping for the entrance examinations. After shadowing some MD's I realized that while the profession is immensely rewarding, it may...
  4. G

    Gold Standard Reviews Please

    Hello all! I am thinking about what prep materials to use for my MCAT test date at the end of this summer. I was wondering what everyone or anyone thinks of Gold Standard MCAT prep materials. Has anyone used them in the past and had success? If anyone is currently studying with Kaplan or TPR...
  5. C

    Selling MCAT 10th edition Examkrackers, Kaplan 2015 mcat books and flash cards, Barron 12 edition

    Hi I’m selling all of my MCAT books: If you buy all of the prep books, flash cards, and test questions I will sell it all for $190+shipping. MCAT Examkrackers 10th edition complete study package for $150: Biology 1 & 2, Chemistry, Reasoning Skills are in great condition, with some highlights...
  6. N

    How comprehensive is Dr. Najeeb's Lectures?

    Hi, Dr. Najeeb is having a sale right now and for those who have had experience with Dr. Najeeb's lectures, I was wondering how comprehensive it is? Like theoretically could someone who hasn't attended medical school yet learn all one needs to know to pass the USMLE from him?
  7. A

    Human Anatomy and Neuroscience Prep?

  8. T

    USMLE Practice Question Writers Wanted

    Are looking for an opportunity to apply your medical education outside of a clinical setting while you’re still in training? Whenever you can make the time? With flexible weekly/monthly time commitments? From the comfort of your own home? Well, here is your opportunity to work for one of the...
  9. A

    FOR SALE: DAT study package - Destroyer, Kaplan DAT, Cliffs AP Bio, and 2 Schaum's outlines

    Five books total, will sell them all for $50 plus cost to ship. Disclosure: These are old editions, thus the discount, but I assure you, the DAT matter has not changed and these materials will be just as helpful for you as they were for me (currently a D3, not sure why I waited so long to sell...
  10. karebear21

    For sale ( Berkeley Review, Kaplan)

    I don't need these books anymore, and would like to get them off my hands. Berkeley Review: Organic Chemistry part I & II (2013)- $50 Kaplan: 2015 organic chemistry review- $10 Kaplan: 2015 Biology review- $10 Prices are negotiable. DM me if you are interested.
  11. PAKMEO

    Non-Trad Apps: Low DAT, still applying to schools with late admissions, any feedback/advice?

    Hi All This is my first public post, but the people on here have been so amazing and thoughtful, it is only fair to share my performance (or lack thereof) and continue to request any advice anyone is generous enough to give To get out of my comfort zone and blast out of my insecurity, I got...
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    For Sale MCAT Prep Material - Kaplan, Examkrackers, AAMC Flashcards

    Selling 2 sets of MCAT prep materials and Official AAMC Flashcards - a few of the books are never used, the rest are gently used with only pencil writing for practice questions/exams (if any). Examkrackers may have text corrections in pen based off the official EK corrections guide, original...