primary care sports medicine

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    PCSM Interview reviews

    Hi everyone. Wanted to see if anyone was interested in posting their thoughts on interviews they've been to, pros, cons, dislikes, or things they liked. Feel like it may be helpful for applicants during this cycle! Good luck, everyone!
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    Vanderbilt Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship Website, EM and Non-EM Positions

    Hi everyone. I’m one of the fellows in Vanderbilt’s Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship. When I was applying last year, I read SDN almost daily and thought this would be a good way to let you all know about Vanderbilt’s new Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship website. The new website...
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    Jobs after sports medicine

    Hey All! The question has been asked in a few other forums but now that we have a dedicated forum, I'll post a similar question. I will be starting a primary care sports med program this July. I didn't have a huge amount of interaction with non ortho sports guys in med school or residency. It...