princeton class

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    MCAT Prep Princeton Review Vs Kaplan

    I already know I need to do a decent amount of content review prior to studying for the questions of the test. I took the majority of the prerequisites over two years ago and most were online due to COVID. I already own the Kaplan MCAT Test Prep books and find them to be very dense and am having...
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    Princeton Review Course/Material

    I have all the books for the princeton review course, for all subjects. How should I create my study plan for through out the semester. I have 3 months of the semester plus 1 month in the summer. How should I split up the subjects, etc.
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    How Much Should I Trust My Kaplan Class?

    Hey guys, so long story short I was supposed to take a Princeton class, but it got cancelled so I got a refund and am now taking a Kaplan class (first class on tuesday). Up until now to pass the time I was content reviewing out of the princeton books (they never asked for them back lol). I'm...