MCAT Prep Princeton Review Vs Kaplan

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Jun 18, 2023
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I already know I need to do a decent amount of content review prior to studying for the questions of the test. I took the majority of the prerequisites over two years ago and most were online due to COVID. I already own the Kaplan MCAT Test Prep books and find them to be very dense and am having a hard time grasping all the concepts. I think I would benefit from having a class.

I am curious what peoples opinions are on the classes offered by Kaplan and Princeton Review. Was there one that was preferred for some reason? Was either a huge help in your studying for the MCAT? Is it worth the money? If you do not feel like its worth taking do you have any suggestions for studying content review outside of taking a class?

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Given that no one has replied for over a week, I'll give my $0.02 and hopefully it will help in some way.

The reality is that a generic answer posted on a website forum full of people who live in completely different places than you might not answer your question specific to where you live and how you study.

The value and quality of a class comes completely down to the teachers. How you connect to the teaching style and how motivated you get from class matters most, and unless you can sit in the exact class you are considering, then you won't know for sure. Rather than ask which course is better or if it's worth it, ask each company if you can sit for one or two classes before signing up. Take the class for a test drive and then decide. Classes cost an exhoribnent amount of money, so make sure you are investing your money and time with something that will work for you.

Back when we (TBR) were in business (we stopped running MCAT review classes in 2021), we often had students sit in for a few lectures to help them decide if the course was a fit for them. What surprised me the first few times was that it was also a chance for us (the teachers) to see if we could work well with a student. There were times where I actually talked a student out of taking the class, because sitting in class all summer was clearly not their thing. If every student sat in before signing up, then it would be a better experience for every student and every teacher.

On paper, every course sounds great and the marketing material makes it sound like a perfect fit for what you need. Go beyond the marketing material and sit in for yourself.

Good Luck!