1. chemdoctor


    I ordered Princeton Reviews "3rd edition" but the Bio and CARS books are "2nd edition" WTF!! What does that mean?! Did Amazon mess up?! Do I need to return them to get the 3rd edition?? (I know it prob doesn't make a difference but I'd like to get what I Paid for)! please help TIA
  2. bellowbruins

    TPR Full Length 2, Qn 3, Chem/Phy

    The standard galvanic cell is constructed using Cr and Pt electrodes and 500 mL of the metal ion solutions in each half-cell. When a total of 6.0 g of metal is deposited at the cathode, what is the new associated concentration of the metal ion in the oxidation half-cell? A. 0.64 M B...
  3. M


    Selling USED and NEW 2015-2016 MCAT Books of the following companies: The Princeton Review (TPR) Kaplan Next Step Test Prep (NST) Examkrackers (EK) PM me for details or contact me email: [email protected] cell phone: 954-243-0195 I am willing to send the books to you and negotiate any...
  4. S

    The Princeton Review COMPLETE MCAT BOX SET **FOR SALE**

    Hello everyone! I am selling The Princeton Review MCAT 2015 Subject Review Complete Box Set PLUS The AAMC Official Guide to the MCAT exam. They are in like-new condition, with light highlighting inside. No answers marked in book. A couple of the front covers have scratches but no damage done on...
  5. D

    Princeton Review MCAT Ultimate

    I recently just signed up for this course and it begins jan 29 and I was wondering for those who have already taken it had any advise? how was the timing and the pace of the course for you guys? My goal is to score at LEAST a 515
  6. DocMaur

    Need Advice on Prep Course

    Hey guys, I'm looking into enrolling into the Princeton Review in-person prep-course for the April MCAT. Being that it is an expensive decision, I am wondering if it will be beneficial for me? (I need the structure of inclass learning) I have not(and will not) be taking bio-chem prior to the...