1. J

    What Are Some Challenges Facing Future Doctors

    I’m a premed. I love medicine. I don’t love student loans. I don’t love it when doctors are making less and less. I don’t love it when doctors are complaining about their jobs and telling premeds to pursue something else but they don’t give specific reasons as to why they feel that way. With...
  2. A

    Bad question from Princeton review? or just my error?

    So I've always been taught that the formula for torque is T=FcosTheta * R .............however this princeton review practice problem on torque is using the formula T= FSinTheta * R When solving for torque do we always use Sin in the torque formula?? Or is this just a bad question...because...
  3. C

    Is this institutional action?

    Hello, I would like to know if a particular incident that occurred previously is institutional action or not? If it is a plan on reporting it to AMCAS, but I am unsure because it is a somewhat weird situation. I attend a football school and live in a house off campus. For one football weekend...
  4. O

    School Requirements

    Hi I was curious because I know for example OSU wants 9/13 classes taken before even applying. I have 9/13 but my problem is that I took ochem 1/2 but have no taken the labs yet. Will they not count my Ochem 1/2 classses since I haven't taken lab yet?
  5. S

    Crack the DAT PAT MoveFile failed; code 5

    Hi, I recently purchased and tried to install the Crack the DAT PAT application, but when I run the program as administrator it gives me "MoveFile failed; code 5." I have tried disabling my firewall/antivirus when installing, but it still gives me the same error and when I tried troubleshooting...
  6. KeepingUpWithK

    I need help

    So I switched my major from Nursing to Biology my sophomore year because I realized that I wanted to become a Dentist. I'm now a Junior and have a 2.5 which is really eating me up because I really feel like I'm not pushing myself hard enough. Not to mention since I've had poor advisors in the...
  7. CrystallineMind

    Choosing medical specialty.

    Hello. I've been long time lurker here on SDN, this is my first post though. I'm 4th year medical student (from a 6 year program) and for about a year I'm very confused what i want to do later on. So I figured out maybe someone will have some useful tips or information for me. So here's some...
  8. Fancy312

    Destoryer 2016 # 226 GC

    Soooo I thought I had the hang of this problem down till I realized i got it wrong and still confused on the log portion of the problem::: 226. Consider a sample of 100 mL of pure water @ 25 degrees celsius. If the hydronium ion concentration was tripled, what would the resulting pH be? A. 6.5...
  9. J

    Will sweaty hands be a problem for a surgeon (neurosurgeon or cardiosurgeon) ?

    So i've had slightly damp hands since high school.They're not dripping with sweat but they often get humid.Sometimes when i hold an object for too long my hands get slightly wet.It can be felt when i handshake someone.I know that this is probably palmar hyperhidrosis and i know what are the...
  10. Fancy312

    Math Destroyer Help

    Hi Guys! Working on a math problem, and I need some help on the explanation of this one::: please and thank you to whoever can explain this A boat travels between two riverside cities, A and B, located 21 miles apart. The river flows in the direction from A to B at 2 mph. The boat takes a...
  11. U

    Why I wouldn't choose USF again.

  12. N

    PCAT Essay!

    Hey, I'm taking the PCAT in a couple days and I was just worried about the essay question. Are there any general solutions to a broad range of problems that anyone has come up with? I know there's advertising that can work for most, but that seems so cliche. I tried reading the Kaplan essay...