1. LindaAccepted

    Medical 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Medical School Profile Early On

    Are you planning to apply to med school this cycle? You can have a significant head start on your competition by beginning the application process now. Below are a few easy things you can already do to help ensure you get accepted: Easy & Early Tip #1: Volunteer! Med schools are definitely...
  2. S

    Should I apply this cycle?

  3. B

    GPA Concerns w/Good OAT

    Hello everyone, I attended UC San Diego and graduated w/a GPA of 2.936, which I know is well below the average applicants & admitted students in most schools. I did, however, score 93.8th percentile on my OATs - Academic Average = 360 - Total Science = 340 I have also worked at the Shiley Eye...
  4. Siege

    Top 20 Profile thread 2017

    For those Accepted or at least interviewed at a top 20, Post and give information in the following format Major: Cumulative GPA: Science GPA: MCAT Score: Test Date: First application cycle? (If no, how many other times have you applied): Were you a student while applying or did you...
  5. O

    Past post bac acceptance profiles

    Hi everyone! I plan to apply to BM, JH, Goucher, and Scripps for the 2017-2018 post bac term and wanted to get a sense of whether I would make a decent candidate. I am also curious to know what your stats were and where you were and weren't accepted if you guys don't mind sharing (GPA, ACT/SAT...
  6. ArteryStudyPainting

    Simple Question Regarding Timeline

    Hello, I was "shopping" around and could not get a concise answer to my own timeline question. See below: Background: I am a molecular Biology Pre-medical who is going into their senior year (class of 2017). I have a 3.972 GPA, have completed successful research having to do with...
  7. O

    Where did I go wrong in my application? :(

    I've decided to retake my MCAT score and take two years off. Thank for your input!