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  1. 9

    Army Vet MLT ——> MD Personal statement final draft?

    I think I have narrowed down my PS to near its final draft (2019-2020 app cycle) and would like to know if I can get a few people to review it. I have had some excellent help from others on this site and just looking for as many perspectives as I can get! I was in the Army (active for 18 month...
  2. K

    Could someone help me with providing feedback on my personal statement?

    Hi, I am preparing a personal statement as a part of my application packages for the MA degree, and I was wondering if someone could give me some feedback on my personal statement. I've been going over this for many times, and I thought some fresh eyes will help me extensively with my essay...
  3. WedgeDawg

    *~*~*~*~*~*Official Personal Statement Guide and Reader List 2016-2017*~*~*~*~*~*

    READ THE WHOLE OP BEFORE YOU POST. PLEASE. PLEASE? PLEASE. THANKS. :):):) === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === This thread is for this year's applicants (for the class of 2021) who are beginning to work on their personal statements. If you're...