1. PSN2550

    Position Wanted PGY1 Psych or Neuro!!!

    I am looking for any unfilled position in PGY1 Psych or Neuro, if any one of you comes across it, please let me know.
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  3. I

    Psychiatry Residencies that accept students who have only taken the COMLEX?

    2nd year med student here interested in psych contemplating whether or not to take the USMLE. My top residency choices when 4th year comes around are at the moment the ones in NC: Duke, ECU, Wake Forest, UNC, Carolinas Medical Center (Charlotte), and MAHEC (Asheville). Does anyone have any...
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    WANTED: Neurologists, Physiatrists, and Psychiatrists in California

    VES, Veterans Evaluation Services, is looking for neurologists in California that we can refer veterans to for non-treatment medical / TBI exams. VES is a veteran owned company headquartered in Houston, TX. We work to help alleviate the backlog of cases that the VA has for veterans awaiting C...
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    Feeling discouraged as a psychiatrist, switch field?

    Hey guys I'm currently finishing a CL psychosomatic medicine fellowship. After doing my medical school CL rotation I absoluetly knew I would go into psychiatry just for the sake of doing CL and no one, esp my parents, could tell me otherwise. Honestly psychiatry was the absolute last field I...
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    Reliable sources (research articles) for psychiatric meds?

    Hey guys, I've got two questions in regard to yielding info online. 1. Do you know where to find reliable sources of information (research are the best)? 2. How do you know they are not biased? 3. Are there ways to see ratings/feedbacks of certain research articles?