psychological testing

  1. Alemo

    Future of Psychology

    Hi everyone, Forgive the vague clickbait title. I’m going into forensics (I’m in psychiatry residency) and recently have had a few conversations with forensic psychiatrists (AAPL leaders and program directors) who told me in no uncertain terms that “I’ll need to specialize in something...
  2. foreverbull

    Commonly-Offered Test Batteries for Private Practice?

    For those of you who provide psychological testing (private practice or otherwise), what kind of batteries do you offer and how did you decide on the tests that comprise them? I know there are lots of neurospsych folks out there who do neuropsych testing, but I'm curious about the testing that...
  3. ZappaPrez

    Projective / Apperception Tests

    I am looking for some older/rare/foreign projective and apperception assessments. I hope there are some people out there that can assist me! I am looking for a "HOLTZMAN INKBLOT TECHNIQUE, FORM A" (I would be interested in a Form B for the right price) the most! I am also looking for a...