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Oct 21, 2015
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I am looking for some older/rare/foreign projective and apperception assessments.

I hope there are some people out there that can assist me!

I am looking for a "HOLTZMAN INKBLOT TECHNIQUE, FORM A" (I would be interested in a Form B for the right price) the most!

I am also looking for a "Somatic Inkblot Series"

And the following tests (and any you have not mentioned!...

(Thanks ahead of time!)

Adolescent Apperception Cards
Adoption Story Cards, Gardner
Children's Self-Report and Projective Inventory (CSRPI)
Columbus, The
Family Apperception Test (FAT)
Family Relations Indicator (FRI)
Four Picture Test (FPT)
Fuchs-Rorschach-Test (Fu-Ro-Test), Christel Drey-Fuchs, 1958
Incomplete Man Test
Indian Modification of the Thematic Apperception Test
Le Test Patte-Noire (Le Test PN)
Make A Picture Story Test (MAPS)
Michigan Picture Test (MPT)
Object Relations Technique (ORT)
Pickford Projective Pictures
Roberts Apperception Test for Children Test Pictures (RATC)
Roberts-2 Test Pictures
Rosenzweig Picture Frustration Test (P-F Study)
School Apperception Story Procedure (SASP)
Senior Apperception Technique (S.A.T.)
Separation Anxiety Test (SAT)
Social-Situation Pictures
South African Picture Analysis Test (SAPAT)
Symbol Elaboration Test (S.E.T.)
Tell-Me-A-Story (TEMAS)
Test of Family Attitudes (TFA)
Thurstone Personality Shedule
Visual Apperception Test (VAT)