1. P

    For Sale ALL SOLD! EPPP Study Materials (AATBS 2017, PsychPrep 2016)

    I passed and would like to sell AATBS 2017 and PsychPrep 2016 materials. I want to get rid of the materials quick so make an offer for whatever interests you! AATBS comprehensive study volumes(2017). AATBS exam strategies(2017). AATBS-comprehensive audiofiles (2018). PsychPrep Study Binder...
  2. A

    For Sale EPPP 2017 Study Materials For Sale AATBS and some PsychPrep

    Hey all you fellow EPPP studiers. I recently passed the EPPP (yay), and am selling my materials and login info. I have ALL of the books from AATBS, the Silver package, including the flashcards and the exam strategies book. I also have a full set of Psychprep EPPP flash cards. Furthermore, I have...
  3. K

    Wanted: EPPP PsychPrep Audio

    Looking for just the PsychPrep audio cd's for the EPPP from the weekend workshop. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in selling them.
  4. midwest311

    Wated - EPPP PsychPrep Printed or PDF Study Materials

    Hello, I'm interested in purchasing a set of printed or PDF study guides from PsychPrep for the EPPP. This single volume I'm looking to purchase covers the following topics: Section 1: Learning Theory Section 2: Biological Bases of Behavior Section 3: Ethics Section 4...
  5. l2ebecca

    EPPP Psychprep Weekend Workshop and Home Study Audio

    HI! I am selling the EPPP Psychprep Weekend Workshop and Home Study Audio mp3 files. They are the most recent version (includes DSM-5 material). Please message me if interested!