For Sale EPPP 2017 Study Materials For Sale AATBS and some PsychPrep

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Mar 2, 2018
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Hey all you fellow EPPP studiers. I recently passed the EPPP (yay), and am selling my materials and login info. I have ALL of the books from AATBS, the Silver package, including the flashcards and the exam strategies book. I also have a full set of Psychprep EPPP flash cards. Furthermore, I have access to the complete AATBS online practice exams (8 in total) which you can take an unlimited amount of times but that will expire on 4/15/18. I am asking $500 for all of it (this will include the cost of shipping everything to you). The books have been gently used and highlighted (several aren't highlighted at all) but they are in good condition and I believe I have two ethics books and two of another one because the binding was coming apart so they gave me a replacement copy. I will also share my electronic written outlines of the all topics if you would like. I passed with a high 600 and used only these materials.

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