pt admission committee

  1. Q

    Online courses vs in class CC class

    I need to take Anatomy I and II this summer. There are courses with University of Phoenix for both that are online-this would be ideal because of my PT Tech position I have this summer. However, will that be frowned upon? Technically it's a four year university, although it is online. OR I could...
  2. Reohgoingplaces

    Would it be wise to take up a unrelated minor while pursuing my undergrad in kinesiology?

    Hello, I am interested in becoming a Physical Therapist, but I am just beginning to enter a university for my BS in Exercise Science/Kinesiology. Also, I am interested in studying either horticulture, geology, or English as a minor. Would it be wise for me to pursue a minor in a unrelated field...
  3. K

    Applying to PT School.. What are my chances?

    Hello all! I am currently applying to different DPT programs and am looking for some insight from PT "veterans" if you will. My story is a little different. I started out my undergraduate degree thinking I would become a nurse. However, when I had a tumor removed from my brain sophomore year...
  4. beyoutiful_sunshine

    How much does the essay REALLY matter?

    I'm getting ready to submit my PTCAS application and the last thing I'm working on is the main PTCAS essay as well as the supplemental essay for one of my schools. I'm spending a lot of time on those essays making sure they are a good reflection of my writing skills, my personality and my desire...