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    Quality of education and experience from SUNY Downstate & Touro College

    Hey Everyone! I’m currently in the interviewing process of getting into PT school. I have applied to Suny Downstate and Touro College. I have heard mix reviews for both places. Now that it is 2018, I’m just wondering if any of the two schools have made better changes in their curriculum...
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    Hello, i just got placed on shenandoah waitlist and was #19, was trying to see my chances of getting in and if anyone has gotten in being that high for there waitlist, thanks.
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    Hey guys, I remember what it was like to go through the very stressful process of getting into a physical therapy school! I am now a second year Physical Therapy student and would love to help anybody out that needs help! I am doing this through my new YouTube channel that I just released a...
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    Texas State University interview questions?

    Last week I got an email for an interview with Texas State University in San Marcos for the DPT program. My interview is this Friday Nov. 18th and I was wondering if anyone that attended or got an interview from them, can give any insight how the interview process is? What kind of questions do...