1. ChicPharmDee

    Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (PTCE).

    Hey, everyone! So I start my first year of Pharmacy school next semester, but I am not certified at as a Pharm Tech. Honestly, it's super hard getting pharmacy jobs without the license, and I have yet to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination. I wanted to know how easy (or...
  2. P


    I am taking the PTCE in less than 3 weeks. So far I have been studying using Mosby's Review for the PTCE by Mizner (2e), studying flash cards on the top 100 drugs, studying flash cards on drug class prefixes + suffixes, and studying through the pharmacy-tech-study website. Is there anything else...
  3. H

    Passing the PTCE

    Hello, everyone! I just wanted to give some study tips for the PTCE and what I think really helps. I was really nervous about taking this exam and desperately searched this website on the best way to study, so I just wanted to put my method all in one place. I ended up being really confident...