1. bmoore46

    Texas Programs moving online?

    Has anyone heard of any of the Texas DPT programs moving online due to covid? Several universities just announced they were going online for a while, Baylor included.
  2. D

    HELP: Current DPT student that wants to go to medical school.

    Hello all, I am currently going through a miniature crisis. I just completed my first year of DPT school and to be honest, I am underwhelmed. I want to do more, I want to be responsible for more, I want to be challenged more. I always had the thought of being a physician in the back of my...
  3. C

    Superficial Questions about PT school

    I am absolutely serious about PT school. Don’t get me wrong. I am confident in my skills and am capable of building great rapport with people. However, I have this nagging thing I bury deep inside called low self-esteem (image related). With that I ask to fellow student PT women, do you have...
  4. O

    Re-using school specific question essays.

    Hi everyone, I just have a quick question about the essay component of the application process. For the school specific questions, if two different schools both have a similar question that they're asking, are we allowed to use the same essay to answer both? I've seen some questions in which...
  5. Funnylady

    NPTE for 2016 Grads

    Hi, I am a DPT student set to graduate in May and of course I am super excited! I have my last clinical rotation from January to April this upcoming Spring. I would like to schedule the NPTE for July. My question is: should I begin studying for the exam in December or wait until April? I want to...