1. E

    Published Research but low GPA

    I am currently a junior studying Biochemistry at a relatively competitive university. Since high school I have been working on developing technology for a startup as a basis for a company I founded (which unfortunately since had to be dissolved due to a equity disagreements). Going into my...
  2. MHIF Intern Program

    12 positions ‐ paid premed internships in cardiovascular clinical research SDN

    Undergrad premed students, please consider this great opportunity to do clinical research: Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation will hire 12 interns for paid, 12week internships this summer. The application DEADLINE is JANUARY 15! Interns work 1:1 with a cardiologist mentor, and participate...
  3. Richanesthesiologist

    How to get published?

    I am currently participating at an REU (or SPUR whichever sounds better) program at a major public research university on the west coast. I will only be here for 10 weeks, and was wondering if I can get published in the amount of time. It is a brand new project that I just started working on. If...
  4. SciClin

    Abstract vs Manuscript Submission

    Hello, all. I was wondering what the difference between submitting an abstract and submitting a manuscript is. Yes, I know what the two are; however, I am still a bit unsure of the entire process. Being around "basic science" people nearly all of the time, I've only been recently exposed to...
  5. C

    Published Review Article...will it help?

    Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your responses. I am currently going through the 2016-2017 admissions cycle for MD right now. I just learned today that a review article I wrote with my professor (I'm the first-author) got published. I'm currently working on some research articles as...
  6. RockDoc28

    Research for Air Force Residency Application?

    Hey guys, I searched around a little bit for this but couldn't find much, and what I did was several years old. If there's already a recent thread about this please let me know. I'm a second year OMS in the USAF, and was not planning on doing research until recently, when I began hearing rumors...