1. S

    Anyone with a SEEK qBank subscription?

    Has anyone bought this subscription? I can pay you for 2-3 weeks of access to only the sleep questions to prepare for my sleep boards. Please let me know here of through messaging. Thanks!
  2. S

    Taking Step 1 after Match for IM Fellowships

    Hello! I got in the mid-high 400s on my Comlex I and II and ended up taking Step 2CK and did pretty well (230s range). During interview season, PDs actually asked why there was such a jump between my COMLEX and USMLE scores and they wished I had taked Step 1. I am applying for IM and am looking...
  3. P

    Advice needed!

    Hello SDN people. I am currently a 1st yr pulm/CC fellow in a program which shall remain anonymous ( for obvious reasons). I am very much interested in continuing to pursue this field; however I cannot continue in this program for several reasons which I cannot even list here for fear of...
  4. T

    Free Pulmonary/Respiratory Notes

    Hello all. I’m a medical student that strives to take the best quality notes. Thus, I have decided to share them with others beyond my classmates. I have compiled my notes from the respiratory/pulmonary unit into four ebooks. For the next couple of days (until Monday 9/13), my ebooks will be...
  5. CritiPulm

    Interventional Pulmonology 2018-2019

    Alright, this might the first year that someone has started this thread or may be not. I am a second year Pulm/CCM fellow applying for IP this year and wanted to get together both people and information on a forum. If any one else is applying for IP this year, lets discuss the application...
  6. Blueinfantneedhelp

    Infant Cyanosis normal O2

    Hello, I feel as if no one can help me. I am not a doctor. Not a student. Just very frustrated. Sorry if I am breaking the rules. I’m sure it’s annoying me posting here since this is designed for you guys. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing from naggy patients all day. I’m sorry that I am bringing...
  7. InhaleExhale

    Advertisement Pulmonary Fellowship/Residency Help

    Hey guys! I want to briefly introduce you to our services. Basically, we are a company that helps medical faculty students and postgraduates, find a better place and successfully apply for pulmonary fellowship by preparing and writing or/and editing all of the necessary documents and papers...
  8. L

    Other Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship (TUFTS)

    Any opinion on the Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship Program at Tufts in Boston?