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  1. G

    AAO BCSC Question Bank Group Rate

    Hi everyone - Looking to get enough residents to join with my residency program and get 40% off this new q-bank (annual subscription). Questions so far appear to be of good quality. Please PM me if interested, thank you.
  2. E

    Suggestion of using a Q bank during MS1?

    I am going to be an incoming student this fall and am trying to decide which q bank to use to supplement studying for classes/start prepping for board style questions. I just did a Masters program where I took anatomy, physiology, pharm and other classes I will be pretty much repeating during...
  3. S

    Selling RxPrep Question Bank

    Question bank expires August 7th, 2018. I thought these questions were amazing practice for the actual NAPLEX - definitely helped me pass with a great score and I didn't feel stressed during the exam which was the best part :) Price is $100 but I'm willing to negotiate! I just don't want the...
  4. M

    Struggling with improvement USMLE step 1

    Hello everyone I am currently doing the Kaplan Question bank. I've been lately having a difficult time just trying to have a consistent performance. I've finished Uworld and USMLE Rx, but I'm still getting 7-8 wrong per a block in Kaplan. That's confusing to me because I've gone through the...
  5. BoardVitals

    BOTH ENTER TO WIN: BOARDVITALS Practice Question Bank!

    We’re raffling off free a free practice question bank of your choice.! Make sure to enter our raffle by visiting Giveaway | Rafflecopter :)
  6. Z

    Where are the good question banks?

    Hey y'all. I'm trying to do as many questions for my MCAT prep as I can. I've bought the AAMC Section Bank but that's only 300 questions. Can anyone vouch for other question banks? I know UWorld has one but I've heard they're better for Step exams and not the MCAT. I see that NextStep also has...
  7. magicmadnessmedicine

    USMLE Rx Step 1 Discount Code (50% off)

    I am sharing a discount code for the USMLE Rx 360 12 month package. This provides you with access to all their content. I know I will be doing all the practice questions from USMLE Rx, Kaplan, and UWorld before Step. Only available for a limited amount of time. This is a 50% discount from their...
  8. M

    Free NAPLEX questions

    Hey Guys, Just sharing a nice website I found to prepare to NAPLEX exam, thought it might be useful: naplex Practice Exam and Questions | certMD test prep Michelle
  9. nbp.medlaw

    ABPS Written Boards Prep - Advice?

    Written Boards for Plastic Surgery coming up for us Boards-eligible folks this October. Any study tips / resources worth investing? I have Samuel Lin's PRS Board Review 2nd ed. - I liked using the 1st ed. in studying for the in-service exam. Is it worth going through ACAPS (retired...
  10. merceraluminium

    Spring BCPS 2017 in 4 weeks!

    Taking the exam exactly 4 weeks from today and I'm nervous! I feel like I'm studying using the ACCP notes and lectures but not retaining much :( So at this point, I think my best bet is to do as many practice questions as possible. Is anyone willing to split cost/sell any question banks with...
  11. T

    USMLE Practice Question Writers Wanted

    Are looking for an opportunity to apply your medical education outside of a clinical setting while you’re still in training? Whenever you can make the time? With flexible weekly/monthly time commitments? From the comfort of your own home? Well, here is your opportunity to work for one of the...
  12. P

    Free Qbank

    I am a well-known author of USMLE review books (Secrets and Crush series) and am working to create a completely free USMLE Step 1 Qbank. I am looking for motivated students to help create some questions and build their CVs. If you are interested in contributing, please email me at...
  13. BoardVitals

    NAPLEX Free Question review Bank

    Are you preparing for your NAPLEX exam? Enter now to win a free question bank subscription to get you the grade you need.
  14. DoctorOwl019

    12 Month USMLE Rx Step 1 Qmax Subscription

    I am selling my USMLE Rx Step 1 Qmax subscription, an important resource for Step 1 studying (and 2nd year medical school courses). The subscription ends on August 14th, 2017. I am selling it for $150 OBO. Contact me for more information!
  15. C

    CARS Qpack vs. real vs. AAMC scored FL

    well i just did a few of the first section of CARS I in qpacks and got destroyed. Previously with kaplan I've been 126-128, and scored 127 on my scored FL (a 513 total). is this Cause for concern? taking my test 6/18.
  16. O

    (DESPERATE) Practice Books and Question Banks

    Hey Guys, I'm the new kid lol. I am traditional "self-preper". Currently, I am transitioning from the studying to the practice phase and wanted to know what practice books and question banks are most useful prior to taking FLs? Practice Books EK 1001 (OLD MCAT) Question Bank Gold Standard...
  17. 7

    Help Gen Chem Question (osmotic pressure)

    This is an AAMC practice test (actual previous MCAT exam) Which ideal solution exhibits the greatest osmotic pressure? A. 0.1 M MgCl2 B. 0.2 M NaCl C. 0.2 M CaCl2 D. 0.5 M Glucose I thought glucose molecular weight is 180 g/mol, it's a big molecule contains 6 carbons, 12 hydrogens, and 6...
  18. House911MD

    Step 2 CK USMLE-Rx question bank discounts

    3 month Step 2 CK Qmax subscription* for only $79! Please enter promo code: MSOM3QMAX2 6 month Step 2 CK Qmax subscription* for only $119! Please enter promo code: MSOM5QMAX2
  19. Formation

    Study plan feedback?

    Hi! So I'm taking the MCAT in May and I'm trying to figure out the best practice study plan now that I've finally finished content review (which I admit, I didn't put a whole lot of effort into due to being busy with school and ECs). I have 8 FLs (3 TPR, 3 Kaplan, 2 AAMC). Finals end on May...
  20. A

    MCAT 2016 compared to AAMC practice material

    I am taking the MCAT in about a month, and I was wondering if anyone could talk a little bit about how they did on the AAMC prep material (Question packs/section back/practice test) compared to the real thing. If anyone could post their percentages on the question packs and section banks along...
  21. G

    Free (Giving away) 40% off First Aid/USMLE-Rx Qmax Q bank (code)

    The First Aid/USMLE-Rx team would like to offer you a great deal ($80 off) on a 6 month Step 1 Qmax subscription. This is an A-rated question bank from the authors of First Aid for the USMLE Step 1. They will even let you purchase the subscription now and delay its start date for up to 6 months...
  22. L

    USMLE Rx Step 1 Qmax Promo Code ENDS 1/16/16

    Save $100 on Step 1 Qmax from the creators of First Aid! Subscription: 6 month USMLE Rx Step 1 Qmax for only $99 Use code: LEBQMAX1 Begins 1/10/2016 at 12am (00:00:00) Ends 1/16/2016 at midnight (23:59:59) Put the code in the special area on the...