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    Pre Med or Pre Law?

    Hi! This is my first post and I apologize if I am in the wrong place. I am about to begin my second semester of my first year of college. As of now I am taking traditional pre-med classes. I do well, and I enjoy my science courses a lot, but it takes me so much longer to learn the material than...
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    Freaking out a little. And by a little, I mean like a lot.

    Kind of similar to something I've posted before but here goes whatever.. LW need to vent so excuse me if this is slightly all over the place. Just hoping someone can help me out here I'm in the spring semester of my junior year now and with med school apps creeping up slowly, I've started to...
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    Should I even be premed?

    Hey everyone! I'm new to posting on the student doctor network but definitely not to the forums as I've always found them very informative. I was posting because I just started my freshman year of college and even though I've been telling people I'm interested in medicine, I'm begin to really...