radiology residency

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    Gas vs Rads

    I was really trying to get more information to make a decision between either of these two. I am a USMD newer med school; step 1 224, clinical grades have all been pass. I've talked to a Rads PDs who have said that my step score was within range (despite the fact that it is clearly low)...
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    Academic vs Private Practice/Community Radiology Residency Program?

    Preface: Just one man’s opinion and there are some generalizations, but I think it’s applicable to most programs. Congratulations, you’ve interviewed at multiple radiology residency programs and now it’s time to make your rank list. How should you rank or sort the list to get the best medical...
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    Considering 2nd residency in Radiology- questions about application

    Hi everyone, I'm a board certified physician (finished training ~7 years ago) and I'm strongly considering switching and applying to radiology residency. I've some questions regarding the application process: - my understanding is that if I apply later this year (Sept) I'll be applying for PGY 2...