1. Diego777

    reading out loud or studying by reading in silence?

    Which is the better, studying by reading out loud or studying by reading in silence? what the straight-A student prefer ?
  2. P

    Personal Statement

    Hi everyone, I have gone through a few edits on my personal statement based of some of my advisors/mentors. I was hoping someone might take a look to see if there is anything I could improve on or polish up! I will be happy to read others as well!
  3. D

    I will read your PS/Secondaries/MD-PhD Essays for $50

    Who I Am I am a current medical student (MD) looking to make some money over the summer. What I Am Offering $50 will get you: Reading, editing, and suggestions (including ideas/brainstorming) for 1 personal statement or MD-DO/PhD essay, up to 4 drafts/iterations. OR Reading, editing, and...
  4. A

    Reading Comprehension

    I had a question about this section- how are the questions divided up? Does the first passage have more questions and then the next two have equal amount?