red flags

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    How badly did I screw up my transcripts? (Personal issues, health issues) Need advice

    Hello, fellow SDN'ers! Just joined the forums, but I've been a lurker for quite a while. I'm sure you guys must get this kind of question often, but I would like some insight on my specific situation. Beware, this is a long post. I will summarize red flags on my transcripts at the end, but...
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    MCAT preparation plan for the risk-averse (feeling doubt)

    Thanks in advance for any input. This post may initially come off as a bit self-involved, but that is just to provide context for a little-articulated issue that I suspect effects many (often extremely successful) pre-med students. In particular, I refer to those students whose approach as...
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    Do you see any red flags?

    Hello everyone! So I started undergrad when I was 22 years old because I started working right out of high school then had a change of heart and decided to go pre-dental. I went to a community college first for a year (plus summer session), got all A's, then I transferred to a large public...