1. T

    Redoing work by other associates

    Just wanted to get some thoughts on this. I’ve been an associate at my current office for 3 years (pedo mostly) and there seems to be a good amount of turnover of doctors. (I’ve worked with a total of 10 associates.) some of their work hasn’t been too great. Usually we just have a policy of...
  2. PatNanym

    Question about redoing PGY1

    If someone has finished PGY1 (Internal Medicine) and has received credits for it but had to drop out of the program in the middle of PGY2 for some reason, is it possible for him/her to apply for a PGY1 position again through the Match, or can he/she ONLY apply for a PGY2 position? Thanks.
  3. C

    Do I have to resubmit transcripts for '17 app?

    I started 2016 application and did not finish. Will I have to resubmit my transcripts and re-enter my coursework for the 2017 application?