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    Regis vs. UIC

    Hi I am trying to decide between these 2 schools! I love the city of the Chicago, the diversity of the city, but Regis program is 35 k cheaper and an equally good program. please Help!!
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    How did you decide on a school?

    Hi, I got accepted to UIC and Regis and I am trying to decide between the 2 schools. I really liked the diversity of UIC and Chicago and I know I will be able to connect with the people there. Chicago is also the 2nd highest employment for PTs which is also a plus because UIC has many...
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    Regis 2018-2019 applicants

    Hi everyone! I saw a similar thread for last year's applicants around this time for those who have heard back for interviews at Regis. I know that we can expect to hear from them within the next couple weeks... but the anxiety is killing me! Thought this would be a good place for us to all be...
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    Medical Center versus Private / Jesuit Institutions

    I'm incredibly excited to say that I have been accepted to both Regis University and University of Nebraska Medical Center! This is an incredibly hard choice for me... as they both have pros and cons in my mind. The main factor that I think draws me to UNMC is the fact that it is embedded in...
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    University of Washington or Regis?

    I'm a california resident, debating my acceptances to UW and Regis. University of Washington is public, so I'd be paying a hefty out-of-state tuition. I personally like Seattle better, but UW would be 40,000$ more in total tuition. I liked Regis when I visited, so I feel like I'd be happy at...