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    Regrade for COMLEX-CE Level 2?

    Just received my Level 2 COMLEX score. I passed the exam but I was disappointed with my score. I had a very competitive score for Level 1. Should I pay for the regrade? Is it possible for it to be regraded with a lower score? Does the regrade usually come back exactly the same or can it get...
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    University Exam: No Regrade if written in pencil

    Imagine the following scenario. Suppose that upon receiving a graded exam, you decide that you believe your answer to a question should be awarded more points, but you realize that your answer was written in pencil, a rule clearly states that no regrades will be permitted for answers written in...
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    Cpje regrade, worth it or not?

    hi, I got my score from April 2016 and failed with a composite score of 67. The weird part is I scored average on all 3 areas...makes no sense! So I pretty much have to ace an area to pass? I saw that there's an option for a regrade, has anyone done this and had an actual change in their score?