• Pharmacy Job Market Webinar

    Are you considering applying to pharmacy school but are concerned about job prospects when you graduate? Join us on Wednesday, July 28th at 8 PM Eastern to hear from three PharmDs about their experiences and options outside of retail pharmacy.

  1. D

    Job timeline for Geriatrics

    I am a third year Internal Medicine resident, and am trying to decide where to go for Geriatrics fellowship. I have moved from the Mountain West to the Southeast to do my residency. It's very important to me that when I'm done with my fellowship, that I can get a job as a Geriatrician in the...
  2. bbatasari

    International Dentist without DDS/DMD - US States

    Hey everyone! I am a Foreign-trained Dentist relocating to USA in a couple of months. I will be starting a Masters program in Orthodontics from a CODA approved school very soon. I do not have a DDS/DMD from any USA or Canadian Dental school. Before starting the program, I have a few questions...
  3. T

    Non-trad with family concerns

    Hi All, I’m new to this, but I wanted to share my story and get some feedback. I am 30 years old, married, have two toddlers, and am currently an engineer. My spouse encouraged me to chase my dream of medicine, and I have now been accepted. The problem seems to be that even though I was told my...
  4. studentpharmacist1995

    CVS Pharmacist Job Offer 2018

    Hello current/future Rphs! I am a P4. I have gotten a grad intern offer with CVS at a district 90 miles away from my hometown in South Florida. I accepted it as there seems to be no jobs any where. For those who work for CVS, what is the process if I would like to be near my hometown? Should I...

    Renting Henry Ford Housing

    We are a family owned and operated full service real estate and property management company. My sister and I are licensed Realtors who work with our father as our Broker. We own apartments that are actually directly next door to our office in Harper Woods, approximately 10 miles from the Henry...

    Metro Detroit Housing

    J.C. Miller Real Estate is a boutique agency founded on family, offering bespoke service to meet all of your needs. As Realtors in Metro Detroit we specialize in relocations. We have several options for assisting with your housing and relocation needs. Contact us for information on renting or...
  7. S

    Moving across country for residency--good idea?

    I'm looking into family medicine residency programs currently and am considering going out of state. I'm tired of being in the same area in which I was raised and went to both undergrad and med school. However, there's a few factors I'm considering and want people's input. First, if I do in fact...