1. P

    SIADH and [Na+] along the nephron

    During SIADH/antidiuresis, what site of the nephron has the highest concentration of Na+? Since there is reabsorption but no secretion of Na+ along the nephron, where would it be highest? Is it in the descending loop of henle (concentrating segment) or would it be in the collecting duct, even...
  2. Dow Jones

    USMLE My 2 cents on Nephrotic/Nephritic Sd.

    Hey guys, I am about to take my step 1 and thought I'd be nice to share with you a scheme I saw somewhere (Pathoma, I believe) and modified myself. It is almost all you need to know for Nephrotic/Nephritic Sd. This drawing summarizes the electron microscopy plus immunofluorescence. All of these...
  3. Kakarrott

    Can you combine CC with ID and Renal?

    From a couple of my previous posts and my "research" on Reddit I found out that Critical Care is a great speciality that offers variety, you can diagnose, you can do procedures, people are collapsing out of various reasons, it just seems to be a great anti-boring speciality. On the other hand...
  4. OneWidowsSon

    Clinical Case -

    Hello Community, This is my first post and I was hoping for some help with a clinical case I am faced with. For the case I will post the picture of, I need to identify possible causes, differential diagnosis, pathophysiology, diagnosis, prevention and management. I am hoping to get ideas...
  5. Attending_007

    Nephrology Fellowship - Questions Applicants Should Ask

    Dear Pre-Renal Medical (and Pediatric) Residents, I recently graduated from a West Coast Nephrology program at a prominent tertiary care facility. I am happy with the job I have now and was generally happy with the training I received. However, Nephrology fellowships are now a buyers'...
  6. N

    BOTH renal blood flow question

    Why is Renal Blood Flow= Renal Plasma Flow/ (1-Hematocrit) wouldn't it make more sense for it to be Renal Blood Flow=Renal Plasma Flow * (1-Hematocrit) because 1-Hematocrit= fraction of blood volume that is plasma?
  7. D

    Pathology - Glomerular disease in dogs

    Hi, So I am pretty sure this is the wrong place to post this, please let me know where it should actually be posted...! There is only one veterinary forum it seems.... Anyway, I am a DVM1 and was wondering if anyone could explain to me why fibrosis causes glomerular disease? As in the below...
  8. iaskdumbquestions

    When you suspect kidney stones

    When do you get a CT scan? I've heard and seen everything from: always, first time they've had stone, systemically ill, hydronephrosis on bedside ultrasound. I've also seen people with mild hydro and suspected stone go home. The practice pattern varies wildly and I'm trying to gain a better...
  9. C

    Advertisement USMLE step 1 now by Draw it to Know it

    Remember 1st year of med school? No worries. Get ready, fast, for the USMLE, Step 1 with Draw it to Know it. With Coupon: Royal15 ;)
  10. M

    Why should myeloma patients drink lots?

    Hi, Just wondering what the physiology behind giving lots of fluid to myeloma patients is. I know myeloma can cause hypercalcemia, and tubero-interstitial nephritis. But what effect does giving them lots of fluid have? Does it improve renal function? Dilute the light chains damaging the...
  11. 6

    Should I leave my research lab?

  12. D

    Potential pet sitting job for Tufts/Cummings student

    Hi everyone, I'm a 2014 ISU-CVM grad practicing in Maine and recently had a close friend of my wife ask for help finding a pet sitter for her cat. The cat is diabetic and has chronic renal failure and will need meds/treatment twice daily. Due to his needing oral medications, insulin injections...
  13. K

    BRS/Medical books

    Looking for following books. Latest editions preferred, but will consider one edition old books. Minimal highlighting, wear/tear, writing, underling, etc please. Message me how much you are selling for! Costanzo Physiology Mosby Renal Physiology BRS Physiology BRS Gross Anatomy Moore...