Potential pet sitting job for Tufts/Cummings student

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Apr 29, 2010
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Hi everyone,
I'm a 2014 ISU-CVM grad practicing in Maine and recently had a close friend of my wife ask for help finding a pet sitter for her cat. The cat is diabetic and has chronic renal failure and will need meds/treatment twice daily. Due to his needing oral medications, insulin injections and sq fluids, his owner would like to hire someone more knowledgeable that the average pet sitter.

I realize Malden is a bit of a hike from North Grafton, but thought maybe a current Tufts-Cummings Ved Med student might live somewhere within a reasonable distance to Malden. If anyone is interested, please email my wife at [email protected] and she can give you more details and get you in touch with the client.

Thank you,
Nathan Beckett, DVM