1. ThatGuy15

    PhD/PsyD School Reputation or Quality of Research?

    Hello, everyone! I am a senior at New York University, and I am planning to pursue a career as a clinical neuropsychologist. Before applying to any Ph.D. programs in clinical psychology, I would first like to make my application more competitive. Despite my GPA being above a 3.5, I have no...
  2. C

    What are you thoughts on Touro dental school?

    Hello. I posted the same thread on the pre-dental forum, but I wanted hear what dental students think of the school as well. Touro is a pretty new school that, I think, has potential to produce well-rounded dentists. I am curious to know about the prospects of its long-term reputation as...
  3. ThatGuy15

    Experimental Psychology at CUNY Brooklyn College

    Hello everyone. As I am preparing to graduate from New York University, I have decided to apply for a master’s degree before I fully commit to a Ph.D. I will only be applying to one program and that’s the experimental psychology program at CUNY Brooklyn College. I will be using the master’s...
  4. M

    Reputation of anesthesiology program

    I am applying for a residency spot in anesthesia for the 2017 match. I was speaking to another applicant at an interview who talked to me about a program at which I had interviewed that I really liked. He said that he was also very impressed with the program, but was not going to rank it highly...
  5. S

    DePaul University Reputation and Other Inquiries

    Hello, I recently transferred from a top 50 to a very small, no-name school close to home. After this semester is over I am thinking of attending DePaul University to complete my undergraduate studies. Can anyone enlighten me on DePaul's reputation to outside of midwest Dental Adcoms (e.g. USC...
  6. K

    University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    What is the reputation of UNL? If one is looking at eventually applying to top-tier med schools, would UNL be an acceptable option for undergrad? If you went to UNL for undergrad, what was your experience? Thanks for everyone's help.
  7. A

    What makes one dental school better then the other?

    I had a question about what sets dental schools apart? I recently decided I would attempt to apply to dental school and am a little lost on how one goes about distinguishing a good dental school from a bad one. With the kinds of things you hear about Boston University with its lack of a student...